Beyond Measure Arts

What We Do

Beyond Measure's purpose is to improve the lives of children and artists in the developing countries (the majority world). We ask artists from these countries to create unique and personal pieces that reflect their lives and culture. Their artwork is then printed onto products we love! Those products are sold and their profits return to help children in the artist’s home country.

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How It All Started

Beyond Measure began as so many heartfelt things do, with a leap of faith. After completing a degree in fine arts, our founder Jessica Martin, made a life changing choice to volunteer at a small orphanage in South India.

“I never expected to fall so completely in love with the children there and I knew that I would be forever changed by their smiles, their sincerity, and their courage to face life with so little on their side.”

Their courage inspired Jessica to create Beyond Measure Arts. Beyond Measure seeks to help children in need living in, “developing countries” through the sales of artwork designed by artists in those countries.

Our philosophy at Beyond Measure is that each country we work with has its own wealth of creativity to be shared, and that creativity can give back!

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