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    Beyond Measure has not found nor do we ever expect to find a child on this earth that is not worthy of a safe home, a full belly, and a warm hug every day of their lives. In many developing countries however, the day to day struggles to survive often outweigh these basic needs. Many children are left as a burden to family members when their parents die or are unable to take care of their children. These children may not be given a choice but to forego the opportunity for schooling in order to work and earn their part for the survival of their families. Many families who do not wish to see their children working long hours on empty stomachs seek out orphanages that will house their children, educate them, and give them three meals a day. It is a difficult choice, but often times the most compassionate one.


Who We Help: Artists

    The unique circumstance of working in a developing country such as India is that there is a wealth of creative people, who at this time are doing very skilled work for very small pay. Ironically, these artists are losing more jobs to computers and graphic designers as the country becomes wealthier and more technologically advanced. In the January, 2008 edition of Print magazine, it was reported that talented Bollywood painters, praised for their work abroad, could not find work in their own country. Unfortunately, most of the artists who are designing shop signs, decorating sides of brightly colored cargo trucks, and painting mammoth billboards perched above busy streets on bamboo scaffolding, will never have their stories told. These are the artists we will seek out, whose stories we hope to capture, and creativity we will feed with our program.